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Brick and Motar Connection

Inventory Connection's platform provides vendors with real-time point of sales and inventory data enabling them to spend more time selling and less time counting.

eCommerce Connection

Keep your Amazon, eBay and other e-commerce stores' inventory automatically synchronized.


Here's our story.

  • Summer 2015

    Concept Conception

    In summer 2015, Kerolos Mikaeil, Founder of Inventory Connection, realized the significant inefficiencies that existed in the food retail industry. Kerolos's father, who has worked for many of the major food companies as a route sales representative, woke up at 2 AM every day to count, by hand, the inventory of each of the stores on his route. That's when Kerolos set out to see if this was happening to all route sales representatives, and it was! Inventory Connection was born.

  • Spring 2016

    Project Olympus + Team Expansion

    With the help of Carnegie Mellon's Innovation Center, Project Olympus, Inventory Connection added two key members to the team: George Saieed, a front-end designer and developer and Isabel Lien, a graphic designer.

  • Fall 2016

    Piloting our Service

    Having acquired two clients to test our software, we are currently testing and refining our product to ensure that our clients are satisfied.

  • 2017

    The Future

    After our initial pilot programs, we will seek to gain market share with major retailers and vendors across the United States to inspire our motto, "Sell More. Count Less."

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Our Amazing Founder

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Kerolos Mikaeil


A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, where he finished degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering, as well as Engineering and Public Policy. This summer, he was a Technology Summer Analyst at Credit Suisse, developing software to improve CS's Low Latency Trading Platforms. Kerolos brings the product development and technical expertise necessary to develop our platform.

Our Advisory Board

The experience to guide us

Don Morrison - Business Development

Chairman of Deal Flow, BlueTree Allied Angel

Kit Needham - Business Development

Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Project Olympus

George Mikaeil - Direct Store Delivery

Route Sales Representative, 25+ Years, 5 Companies

Robert Blattberg - Retail

Timothy W. McGuire Distinguished Service Professor of Marketing, Carnegie Mellon University

Robb Myer - Business Development

Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Project Olympus

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